Camp Freedom’s Raffle for the 2016 Dodge Challenger Built by Count’s Kustoms

  1. Each purchaser of a raffle ticket must be at least 18 years old and only one individual’s name may be associated with each ticket. All federal, state, and local rules shall apply to the raffle. Tickets may be purchased from the website ONLY. Payments for online tickets may only be made by credit or debit card. Any credit or debit card payment that is denied shall disqualify the pending purchase and any ticket issued for such purchase will be forfeited by the purchaser. All online ticket sales shall be by the internet at the raffle website comAll e-mail communications will be sent to the e-mail address provided by a purchaser as part of the purchase. Such communications shall include purchase confirmation and raffle ticket number. Purchaser is required to provide to Camp Freedom (“Raffle Sponsor”) a valid, functioning e-mail address, phone number, and mailing address. The Raffle Sponsor, its processing agent and their respective directors, officers, and members assume no responsibility for incorrect, invalid, terminated or non-functioning e-mail or mailing addresses or lost, incomplete, late, illegible, or undelivered entries or entries without complete, acceptable payment.
  2. By submitting an entry, each purchaser acknowledges having read and agreed to abide by these Official Raffle Rules.
  3. Once a ticket has been purchased, it is non-refundable except in event the raffle is cancelled in accordance with the raffle regulations. Although a ticket may be transferred, the Raffle Sponsor shall communicate only with the ticket purchaser as shown on its records until proof of the ticket transfer is provided to the Raffle Sponsor. Any transferee of a ticket must be eligible under these Rules in order to win under any drawing. Odds of winning depend on the number of tickets sold. Odds for this raffle are 1 in number of tickets sold.
  4. The winner will receive the title to the prize, subject to all applicable taxes and delivery fees. Title to the car prize will be clear of any debt or financing liens. Winner has the option to receive a $35,000 cash prize instead of taking the Challenger.
  1. Each ticket shall be sequentially numbered from the first ticket sold through the last ticket number sold. The raffle period shall be from the date the first ticket is sold until Aug 15th, 2023 or earlier. The drawing will be held that day and published live on Social Media. Ticket purchase deadlines, and drawing dates, times and locations, and ticket pricing may be extended or changed at the Raffle Sponsor’s discretion.
  2. Each online purchaser will be sent a receipt via e-mail from the raffle company that will identify the purchaser’s unique raffle ticket number(s). U.S. Postal regulations prohibit the mailing of raffle tickets.
  3. All entrants will be added to Camp Freedom’s email database and subscribed to their newsletter.
  4. The raffle drawing will take place through Hope I Win’s random drawing system. The winner does not need to be present at the drawing to win.
  5. The holder of the winning ticket shall be notified by telephone and/or e-mail and Certified U.S. Mail at the address provided by the purchaser will be used if contact cannot be made via telephone or email. The winning ticket number and name of the winner and their respective cities (but not addresses) shall also be placed on the Raffle website immediately after the drawing. This information may also be publicized in other media of the Raffle Sponsor, Count’s Kustoms, and sponsors of this raffle.
  6. The winner of the drawing shall be required to provide the Raffle Sponsor with a signed statement confirming their eligibility under these Rules and applicable law, proof of age and social security number, and a release confirming the Raffle Sponsor’s permission to use the winner’s name, city, state, and likeness
  7. Federal and state income tax can vary and will be based upon the value of the raffle prize. Please consult with your own tax advisor. The winner will be entirely and solely responsible for paying any and all such taxes.
  8. The prize will be awarded in its then present, “as is”, condition.
  9. Purchasers of tickets, by participating in the raffle, release the Raffle Sponsor, its directors, officers, members and agents from any and all liability, loss or claim arising out of any raffle prize, expressly waive any such claim and agree that the liability, if any, of the Raffle Sponsor, its directors, officers, members and agents shall be limited to the raffle ticket price paid. In case of any dispute regarding the conduct of the raffle, the decision of the Raffle Sponsor shall be final.
  10. The Challenger will be located in Allentown, Pennsylvania or a location of the Raffle Sponsor’s choice in the United States. The winner of this raffle will be responsible to either pick the vehicle up at its current location or arrange its shipment to their location. The vehicle is raffled in “as is” condition and in the location it is and all costs associated with its transfer and movement are the responsibility of the winner of the raffle.
  11. The raffle is scheduled to end on Aug 15th, 2023 or earlier. Camp Freedom reserves the right to end raffle earlier than the set date if they have sold the amount of tickets they desire. Camp Freedom also reserves the right to extend the raffle beyond the date at their discretion.
  12. The retail value of the vehicle will be $75,000